Video: Nina's Memorial Race in Amman, Jordan on June 11, 2015

Translation into English: 

Toya Hasab Allah: This is for Nina’s memory, she loved running very much. She used to be very happy with the races done in Amman. She is a hero, and has a great place in our hearts. Our love for her cannot be quantified and will always remember her. As long as I run, she will always be with me. 

Ibrahem Abu Asbeh:  Nina was a dear friend and colleague. We used always train together.  The tragic news has profoundly impacted and upset all of us. We wanted to commemorate her memory through this Race for Charity in her name. We were happy that all her friends attended the run and even people who did not know her personally participated to honor her. Our prayers go out to her and her family.

Sharifa and Ashwaq: We are Nina’s friends, and her running partners.  We first met Nina here, at Sports City, and we would run together almost daily.  Talking about Nina, she brought us together with her persistent, kind spirit that represents a true sportswoman.  The smile would never leave her face, no matter her score or run time. As a human being, she is irreplaceable and our loss is great.  She is a friend above all else, she would motivate and encourage us. Her voice is still with me, urging us to go on, give it all we’ve got and not care about the challenges.  She will always be with us, her spirit is with us. Everything in Sports City reminds us of her.  We send our condolences to her family as we try to console ourselves with the loss of such a friend. 

Lina Al-Kurd: Today, we as Run Jordan have come together  to support running for charity, which is our motto.  We are doing this today in the name of one of our runners who participated with us in 2014, Nina Brekelmans. Nina is an American citizen who learned Arabic and tried to make an impact in Jordan.  She worked mainly on empowering local women to participate in sports, especially running.  She tried to help them overcome societal stigma and participate in any sport within the Kingdom. She also worked with us. She helped us with the Young Runners program. She volunteered as a trainer in this initiative.  We send her family our deepest condolences. We lost a great runner and volunteer who had an amazing spirit. Her memory will always live with her family and friends. This video is a gift to her loved ones in the US. In memory of Nina Brekelmans.