2016 Week 2 Camp Highlights

2016 Fulbright Volunteer Team

2016 Fulbright Volunteer Team

The second week of camp started with a lap through the forest trails in Sports City followed by shuttle run relays. The girls had a lot of fun racing against each other and testing how fast they could run. 

Dr. Dania Qaryouti was the speaker this week. Her talk about nutrition and body image was informative and had the girls continuing the conversation about healthy living into lunch. One girl raised her hand and asked Dr. Dania, “what if I don’t like vegetables?” They negotiated back and forth until she came to the realization that she did indeed like broccoli. 

In the afternoon each girl received a “healthy living” notebook. Their homework was to write down all the healthy food they ate that week. The day ended with the girls cheering Nina’s name.