Nina May Brekelmans Memorial Tree at Dartmouth College

Nina’s family dedicated a tree located on the Dartmouth College Green, the main square in the center of campus, in loving memory of their daughter and sister. The tree is located on the southeast corner of the Green by the intersection of East Wheelock Street and College Street. There is a beautiful plaque in front of the tree that says:

“In Loving Memory of

Nina May Brekelmans

3/6/1990 - 6/3/2015

Through her passion for running and the Arabic language,

she inspired young women, girls, and countless others,

both at home and in the Middle East

 لِتَرقُدي في سَلام"

The meaning of the Arabic phrase on the plaque is “rest in peace.”

Nina's tree is a point of interest on Google MapS 

Also, check out this wintery time-lapse video from Dartmouth. Nina's tree is featured front and center!